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Saturday, 07 July 2012 10:40

A-10 Thunderbolt II Refueling

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An A10 Thunderbolt II gets refueled by KC 135 Stratotanker. Scenes include the A10 Thunderbolt II flying up to the tanker and refueling.

Saturday, 07 July 2012 10:27

Modern Marvels - A-10 Tankbuster

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History Channel:  The most feared aircraft in the Air Force arsenal, the A-10 Tankbuster was the first aircraft in U.S. aviation history designed specifically for Close Air Support. From its first taste of battle in Desert Storm to the recent assault on Baghdad, the A-10 carries enough weaponry into battle to disable 16 main battle tanks, and with its amazing 30 millimeter 7-barrelled cannon, the "Flying Gun" dominates the skies. Features interviews with A-10 pilots, many of whom flew in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Saturday, 07 July 2012 07:42

A-10 Warthog: Attack Run

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The Daily Show video on Special Operations, this segment specifically to the A-10 and its capabilities.

Saturday, 07 July 2012 07:28

Introduction to the A-10

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This is a five part series introducing the capabilities of the A-10 aircraft.

Saturday, 07 July 2012 07:23

A-10 ICT at RAF Woodbridge, UK, 1989

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This video is of an A-10 Inter-Combat-Turnaround (ICT).  It demostrates the warlike capabilities of the US Air Force reading an aircraft for its next mission.  The ICT typically takes 35-45 minutes time, to refuel and reload an aircraft for its next mission.